As part of the Board’s Conservation Project, the Board contracted Western Pacific Mechanical to do a plumbing inspection of each apartment at Holiday Parkway. The purpose of this inspection is to identify the following:

  • Leaks
  • Old toilets
  • Identify the gas ranges for pilot or igniter

We have done a good job in decreasing our gas bill significantly by the installation of the new Heat Pumps. Our electrical submetering system is currently being reviewed by the Building Department. The next big utility cost is water/sewage. The Board is looking at minimizing the waste of water due to leaks by conducting the plumbing inspection.

The Board is also looking at converting from Propane to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) to decrease our gas bill even further. In order to do this the stoves will need to be modified or replaced (Only the old stoves that cannot be modified due to the age or condition will need to be replaced).

The inspection will take place over a three (3) day period (June 17,18,19) with 1/3 of the building being done each day. You WILL NOT be charged for the inspection if it is done during the assigned period. You may select the day and time (morning or afternoon) on a first come first served basis. You can submit your requested to Michael Otsuji via email at or in writing by dropping in a note in the Manager’s drop box. We will NOT take any phone or verbal requests.

The information that is gathered will be shared ONLY with the Board members, Certified Management (our management company), and you.


 What if I can’t make the times?

We have allocated three days. If you cannot make one of the days one of the Site Managers can oversee the inspectors if you allow them access to your apartment. If you want another day you will be charged $200.00 for the inspection.

What if I disagree with the findings of the report?

If you disagree with the findings you must, at your own expense, hire a licensed plumber to review the condition of the plumbing and have the plumber provide a written report to the Board explain their findings.