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November 16, 2016

Detective Parker Bode with the Honolulu Police Department will answer some of your questions from our viewers on today’s Ask HPD:

  1. Question: I hear vehicle alarms go off all the time, sometimes for minutes at a time. Can I call the police?

Answer: Yes, you can call 911 and an officer will be sent to your location. There are many things that can activate vehicle alarms, and we understand that the constant noise can be annoying. If an officer is called to investigate an excessive vehicle alarm and finds that the alarm is continually activated for more than five minutes, the registered owner can face a $112 citation. If the vehicle alarm does not reset or stop, and continues to sound for more than 10 minutes, the vehicle can be removed from either public or private property.

  1. Question: My neighbor’s dog barks at all hours of the day. What can I do about this?

Answer: It’s against City and County of Honolulu law for a dog to bark constantly for 10 minutes, or unprovoked for 30 minutes on and off, to the disturbance of others. You can call 911 and an officer will be sent to your location, or you can contact the Hawaiian humane society. Quiet neighborhoods are important to everyone. Unresolved and persistent barking can lead to fines and court appearances for the owner.

  1. Question: What are the restrictions on a loud party?

Answer: If you feel the noise level of a party is unreasonable call HPD and report it. Officers will respond and determine if the noise level is reasonable given the time of day and location. If the noise level is unreasonable, the officer will inform the party involved and the action needed for compliance. A citation can be issued for non-compliance to a noise violation.

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