Hawaii Energy offers you rebates to get rid of your old appliances as well as on the purchase of energy-saving appliances that are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

You can also go to https://hawaiienergy.com/for-homes/rebates to see other types of rebates that are offered.



  • Trade Up for Cool Cash: $100 rebate for trading in an old refrigerator and purchasing an ENERGY STAR® model. Refrigerator must be at least 16 cu. ft. or larger.
  • ENERGY STAR® Basic Refrigerator: $50 rebate for purchasing an ENERGYSTAR® refrigerator valued at $700 or less.
  • Refrigerator/Freezer Rid-A-Fridge offer: We pick up your old, working refrigerator/freezer for free and you receive a cash rebate. Oahu households will get a $50 rebate; Maui and Hawaii Island households will get a $65 rebate.

*Trade Up and Rid-A-Fridge offers may NOT be combined.

Refrigerator Trade-Up

The *Refrigerator Trade-Up offer gives you a $100 rebate for purchasing a new, ENERGY STAR® refrigerator and for trading in your old but operational one. They will even ensure your old refrigerator is properly recycled.

To take advantage of this rebate, you’ll need to purchase a refrigerator from one of the many participating retailers below:

  • Hawaii Island: General Appliance, Hakoda’s Builders Appliance, Home Depot (all locations), Sears (Hilo only) and Lowe’s
  • Lanai: Island Appliance
  • Maui: Hamai Appliance, Home Depot, Lowes and Sears
  • Oahu: Best Buy (all locations), Disco Mart, Discount Mutual, Gima Appliance Service Inc., Home Depot (all locations), Keltech Services, Kmart (Waikele only), Lowes (all locations), Midtown Radio, Navy Exchange, Newtown Appliances, OK TV & Appliance (all locations), Pacific Appliance Group, Sears (all locations), Sears Outlet, Servco, The Discount Store and Wada’s Appliance

*Refrigerators must be greater than 16 cu. ft. Online purchases do not qualify for this offer. The participating retailer will provide you with the application. The Rid-A-Fridge and Trade-Up offer may not be combined. Trade-Up applications are available on a first-come, first-served basis with approved retailers during point of purchase only, to ensure proper recycling.


Rid-A-Fridge Program FAQs

Hawaii Energy’s Rid‐A‐Fridge offer makes it easy for residential electric utility customers to surrender old, but working refrigerators and freezers. They will pick up and recycle old, working units for free and pay you a “bounty”:

  • Oahu households will receive $50.
  • Maui and Hawaii Island households will get $65.
  • This program is coming soon to Lanai and Molokai.

1) Why do old refrigerators and freezers use that much energy?

Here is a scary fact: a 20 year‐old refrigerator can use 2‐3x more electricity than new ENERGY STAR® models.

2) When will the Rid-A-Fridge offer end?

Hawaii Energy has offered this program since 2011. Rebates are available on a first‐come, first-served basis and will be offered as long as funding lasts. Rid‐A‐Fridge applications should be submitted by the hauler within 30 days of pick up.

3) Who can participate in Rid-A-Fridge?

Only residential electric utility account holders on the islands of Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu can participate in Rid‐A‐Fridge. Each household is limited to one refrigerator and one freezer rebate. Electric utility account holders can also re‐assign bounty payments to another person by indicating this on the Rid‐A‐Fridge application.

4) What type of refrigerators and freezers are eligible for rebates?

The refrigerators and freezers must be full‐size (at least 14 cubic feet) and currently in full‐time use to qualify. They must also be clean and empty. This offer may not be combined with any other rebates or incentives offered by Hawaii Energy. Hawaii Energy reserves the right and discretion to apply restrictions on the eligibility and/or pick‐up of refrigerators and freezers. Call us for more information. On Oahu, call 537‐5577. On Maui and Hawaii Island, call toll‐free 1‐877‐231‐8222.

5) How many rebates can I receive?

Each household is limited to one refrigerator and one freezer rebate. A “household” is a residence with an active electric utility account. Other restrictions may apply. Call us for more information. On Oahu, call 537‐5577. On Maui and Hawaii Island, call toll‐free 1‐877‐231‐8222.

6) How do I get started?

Step 1: Call for free pick-up and recycling.

Please have the make, model, serial #, size, and age of your refrigerator and/or freezer available before calling. On Oahu, call 537‐5577. On Maui and Hawaii Island, call toll‐free 1‐877‐231‐8222.

Step 2: Complete application.

You will receive the application during the pick‐up. Someone must be present to complete and sign the application to receive the rebate. The hauler will submit the application to Hawaii Energy.

7) What do I need to know about the pick-up?

Hawaii Energy will have a participating hauling company call you to schedule a pick‐up date. The hauling company will give you instructions on how to prepare the appliance(s) for pickup. The hauling company will not enter a residence to uninstall and/or pick up any refrigerator or freezer. Pick‐up is limited to appliances placed at curbside, in a driveway or in a garage. Specific instructions will be provided by the hauling company.

8) After pick-up, where do I send the Rid-A-Fridge application?

The completed application will be submitted to Hawaii Energy by the hauling company. You do not need to send your copy of the application. Please allow 8‐10 weeks to process.

9) Is the rebate guaranteed?

No. The Rid‐A‐Fridge Program is offered as long as funding lasts. Applications will be reviewed and processed in the order they are received. Only completed applications, meeting all program requirements, will be processed for payment.

10) How long will it take to receive my rebate? How can I check my application status?

Only applications that are determined to meet the program requirements will receive a rebate. It is expected that the processing and verification will take 8‐10 weeks. Applicants may call Hawaii Energy to check the status of their application. On Oahu, call 537‐5577. On Maui and Hawaii Island, call toll‐free 1‐877‐231‐8222.

11) Who can I call if I have questions about the Rid-A-Fridge Program offer?

On Oahu, call 537‐5577. On Maui and Hawaii Island, call toll‐free 1‐877‐231‐8222.